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From the Chief
Paying It Forward           

The Kent Regional Fire Authority (RFA) Governance Board was formally created in July, 2010. The residents of the RFA, the professional firefighters, and civilian personnel of our organization have been very fortunate to have a tenured RFA Governance Board comprised of elected officials who are engaged community leaders with diversified business backgrounds that have shaped and sustained the organization we are today.

On June 15, 2016, King County Fire District 37 Commissioner and RFA Governance Board Member Mike Denbo resigned his position, as he and his wife Ronda bought a new home and relocated out of the Fire District 37 service area. 
Kent RFA Governance Board Member Mike Denbo
Studies have revealed that an engaged board and board members deliver three times as much value as the disengaged commissioner. RFA Governance Board Member Denbo was an engaged member. He truly believes in paying it forward to others, with selfless spirit. His time commitment and expertise over his nine year tenure as a stakeholder and board member includes serving on the Department’s Exploratory RFA Stakeholder Committee in 2007; he served on three consolidation steering committees; he participated on Department projects that included the development of the Department’s Succession Planning document; the Departments Strategic Plan document; and served on the Department’s re-naming committee. He took his role as a board member very seriously. He thoroughly enjoys getting to know all of the people he works with, and being part of the organization. He was never one to seek attention.

I asked Commissioner and RFA Board Member Denbo what he would miss most after leaving the Board and he responded, “The people – without a doubt, the people, and being involved in the vision and processes that make the Department a leader in the community.”

Commissioner and RFA Board Member Denbo established himself as a person of the highest integrity, who was genuinely interested in and committed to the welfare of all Department employees and residents. He truly believed in paying it forward over the last nine years.

Commissioner and RFA Board Member Denbo, on behalf of the Kent Regional Fire Authority and the residents of our entire emergency response service area, we want to thank you for your dedicated service and your family for sharing you and your time away from them.   He truly believed in paying it forward over the last nine years.



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