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From the Chief
Service Before Self

Have you found your calling? Not all of us have. Those that have, hopefully found their calling through work, home, family, or through paying it forward to those less fortunate than you and me.

Navigating through a life altering event or crisis in anyone’s life is best supported through a professional who can help each of us work through our grief and loss.

If you have had the need for assistance during a crisis or have met “Chaplain Pat” as he is often referred to, you soon realize Chaplain Pat has found his calling. Chaplain Pat and the following volunteer chaplains: Kathy Stevens, John Fors, Kent Wolfe, and Lisa Ellis are all trained in stress management, crisis counseling, and critical incident debriefings.

In 2015, the Chaplain Team responded to 270 chaplain callouts, and volunteered 690 hours of service to our residents and community.  Chaplain Pat and the volunteer chaplain team spent 448 hours on emergency scenes, meeting the needs of those who were experiencing one of the most traumatic moments in their lives, including serious car crashes and CPRs.
Chaplain Pat Ellis
The Chaplain Team will never arrive at an emergency incident for a religious purpose, instead they are there as a resource.

According to Chaplain Pat, “Our Chaplain Team is on scene to prepare families for the difficult questions that are going to be asked: who do I need to call and what do I do next. We are there to bring care, compassion and to help the family with the information and resources that they need to get through the first hours of their crisis.”

Chaplain Pat has found his calling. He is doing the kind of work that pays it forward to others; he is able to display his talents and values to others; and he is doing what he loves and loving what he does. Chaplain Pat Ellis truly places service and others before self.



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